The editors ensure that accepted manuscripts have undergone peer-review. The Assistant editors select the experts in the field as the reviewers. After receiving on an average of 3-6 reviews (at least two), the author is asked to send a revised article with a detailed response to the reviewers along with their additional comments. If the reviewers consider further revision necessary, then the article is sent back to the authors for a second round of revision. No more than 3 rounds of revision are allowed, after this the Senior Editors and/or the Editor-in-Chief make make final decision, decisions as to whether the paper must be rejected outright or accepted based on its review. The Editors will not accept papers that contain defamation, copyright infringement, falsification, fabrication or plagiarism. Every unethical publishing behavior will be investigated, even if it is discovered years after publication and Editors/Publishers will follow the COPE recommendations.?