eng Oriental Journal of Computer Science and Technology 0974-6471 2320-8481 2019-06-25 12 2 50 56 10620 article A Review on Cyber Security and the Fifth Generation Cyberattacks - 首頁-博電競菠菜平臺|電競菠菜直播 - 比分滾球競猜吧! A. Saravanan 1 S. Sathya Bama 2 Department of MCA, SreeSaraswathiThyagaraja College, Pollachi - 642205, India 483, Lawley Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641003, India

Cyber attacks have become quite common in this internet era. The cybercrimes are getting increased every year and the intensity of damage is also increasing. providing security against cyber-attacks becomes the most significant in this digital world. However, ensuring cyber security is an extremely intricate task as requires domain knowledge about the attacks and capability of analysing the possibility of threats. The main challenge of cybersecurity is the evolving nature of the attacks. This paper presents the significance of cyber security along with the various risks that are in the current digital era. The analysis made for cyber-attacks and their statistics shows the intensity of the attacks. Various cybersecurity threats are presented along with the machine learning algorithms that can be applied to cyber attacks detection. The need for the fifth generation cybersecurity architecture is discussed.

http://www.rrkuhedt.buzz/vol12no2/a-review-on-cyber-security-and-the-fifth-generation-cyberattacks/ Cyberattacks Cybersecurity Fifth Generation Machine Learning Algorithm Security Threats
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