eng Oriental Journal of Computer Science and Technology 0974-6471 2320-8481 2019-06-25 12 2 39 49 10679 article Justifying IT Investment: Extension of a Model using a Case Study from Jordan - 首頁-博電競菠菜平臺|電競菠菜直播 - 比分滾球競猜吧! Emad Abu-Shanab 1 Qais Hammouri 2 Mai Tarik Al-Sebae 3 Accounting and IS Department, CB&E, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar MIS Department, IT College, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan. Ministry of Education, Irbid, Jordan

Investing in information technology is a requirement for enterprises to sustain their competitive advantage in a market that is described as changing and global. IT is a very important resource for enterprises to improve their organizational performance, but requires some justification for its costs and burdens. This study utilized an existing model and applied it on a case in Jordan by analyzing and exploring the implications of investing in IT projects. The case used is the Japan Tobacco International, where a survey was used to collect response from JTI personnel and the documents available on their portal. Two models are proposed to improve our understanding of topic and set the stage for future research. The detailed results of this study are reported with conclusions at the end.

http://www.rrkuhedt.buzz/vol12no2/justifying-it-investment-extension-of-a-model-using-a-case-study-from-jordan/ Case Study Information Technology Investment Justification Jordan Operational Strategic Tactical Tangible and Intangible Benefits
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